History of club LKT Wyczół Gościeradz

LKT “Wyczól” – where is this name from? – ask those who hear about our club for the first time. In our Goscieradz town, to this very day we continue the living tradition of our great master, “Young Poland’s” great painter and Cracow ASP professor, Leona Wyczółkowski. When in 1936, from the initiative of three friends Henryk Słysz, Eugeniusz Górski and Michał Chorzępa, Ludowy Zespół Sportowy (LZS) [Peoples’ Sport Association] had been founded, for the long time it had been a riddle of how this new club should be named. It was well understood that it needs to bea name that would be somehow linked with this creator of such great masterpieces like “Kopanie buraków” [“Pulling Beets”] or “Rybacy” [“Fishermen”]. Finally we probably had a spot on. WYCZÓŁ – just as Leon Wyczółkowsk has used to sign his great creations. This name is untypical, intriguing and at the same time for over 45 years preserver the memory of such a great men. Under this name “Ludowy Zespół Sportowy Wyczół Gościeradz” [“Peoples Sport Association Wyczół Gościeradz”] we were registered on 25 th August 1063 in Rada Powiatowa Zrzeszenia LZS w Bydgoszcz [County Council LZS Association in Bydgoszcz].

For a start of our LZS, our activity has been focused on organising sport activities for the country youth like table tennis, athletics, archery and other recreational games. We have been taking part in the events on the county or voivodeship level with quite a few victories in various sport tournaments. But those where not the disciplines for our growing up youngsters, which already started showing more interest in developing motorist tourism and, a very trendy at the time – kayak tourism.

Common youth trips, rallies and kayak trips on Brda river, common jolly time spending amongst peers – this was the so called bull’s eye.  Popular motorcycling events called “Motorcycling Polish Cup” organised by us, had proven that in our environment there are many talented young competitors, capable of competing successfully with many, more experienced rivals from other clubs in the voivodeship region. It needs to be emphasized that today’s profile of operations: motor sports can be actually dedicated to the one meeting in year 1968 of two people: Jerzy Nawrocki and Michał Chorzępa. Not much later in Gościeradz and its neighbourhood one could hear the ‘roar’ of a professional motorcycle engines and the effects following up that meeting are still present up to this day, despite of some different organisational or financial issues.